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    New Release

    Yes we now have our international shipping available. All of our products are available - mattresses will still need to be organised to go separately with TNT, but the rest of our wool bedding and other items can go through the Australia Post mail.

    Many of the items we have in store are only available to the people close enough to visit, as we have opted not to send breakables through the mail.  

    This one we can! ION8 Hydration bottles. Award winning design in a variety of sizes and colours.

    There are some additions - Please see the Clearance Category for our specials. These are end of lines or over runs and special offers.When we get down to the last few of any item we take them off line and hand the stock over to the shop. If there is something you are wanting that "we used to stock" there is a chance the shop may have one. Please phone our store 07 5494 2189 for these enquiries.

    A pure mattress deserves a pure base, free from potentially harmful outgassing chemicals. We are offering 20% off all bed orders made this week for any deliveries made pre Christmas. We haven't marked these down so the 20% comes off the online prices. Freight is generally around $200 depending on where you are and the weight of your bed / furniture piece. We can make most things.

    The automatic credits may be further away than we first thought - because of this we are keeping the 10% off when you apply your code as well as applying the 5% to your account for future orders You may select this as your discount instead of our code. If you want to use both we will have to work it as a phone order for now.

    We hope to be ready for automatic international ordering online any day soon and will let you know Saturday!

    There are several new products in clothing and home furnishing in  production ....... just a few weeks ....and they will be available.

    As many of our customers are chemical sensitive, we would like to reassure you that none of our products are fumigated.

    We have many customers asking about the treatment of our sheep. Please be assured that our farmers look after their sheep and it is in their best interest to have happy naturally cared for sheep.

    Our sheep are not mulesed.

    As we have many new customers it seems time to reassure you that all of our bedding, towel ranges and clothing is certified organic cotton. Everything we manufacture including the bags we package our products in as well as the labels on garments are all certified organic.

    All of these products carry the gots label as certification. This certification is inclusive of the process involved to create the product. What this means is that if you take a certified product from us and then print it or add to it in any way - the certification is no longer valid. The certification is inclusive of the factory production.

    It is an ethic we are involved with as important to us as our most valuable relationships which are inclusive of you, our customers. 

    We thank you most sincerely for your support in all ways. -

    You are our driving force and we gain our direction from your feedback.

    The result is a massive range of organic bedding, clothing and healthy lifestlye products for the entire family delivered to you at our best prices.

    We found it interesting that our last two cot mattresses were bought for the dog members of two families.

    As many of you may not know we lost Rai 7 months ago to a long term illness. We continue to be a small dedicated group who strongly believe

    in the need to make organic products available. Our strength comes from our working together on your behalf.

    We thank you for your appreciation of the products we create and your allowance of us not always getting everything exactly right!

    On that note, we have discovered that you may only use one discount code per order.

    Your 5% we offer as a credit on your next order is being accrued and we hope
    to have this worked out in the next few days so that these will be automatically

    deducted from your orders. In the meantime if you are needing to use these we need to ask

    you to bank transfer the correct amount or phone payments with credit card.

    Otherwise they will still be available via online payments very soon!

    The best option we have for now is to continue offering the 10% discount off orders made and we have turned off the 90 days limitation for use of your 5% credits which you will continue to receive.
    Your code will give you a 10% discount across all products as well as receiving your 5% credit towards future purchases, valid for 90 days.

    Please phone our store 07 5494 2189 for any bedding or uniform quotes or phone orders.

     Healthy Homewares (74 Maple St Maleny) Ph: 0754296557

     At the time of opening Healthy Homewares over a year ago, we promised that many of the shippable items would soon greatly enhance your on-line shopping scope.          
    This has now become a reality and thanks to the excellent relations we have forged with leading suppliers - and the advantages of being a Newsletter customer, 
    you can often make big savings over what you can buy from department stores.    

    Organic Wool Bedding
    ***  Wool Mattresses.  As used and recommended by Dr Mercola. 10% off
    ***  Organic Wool Toppers and Super-toppers 15% off
    ***  Organic Wool Quilts 15% off
    ***  Organic Wool Pillows... Are all reduced. Pillow packages now available.
    These products are made with organic wool filling and covered in organic cotton.
    Hi there. I just want to say that I’ve had the best nights’ sleep since receiving my new mattress/topper/organic bedding. Super happy customer. Thanks! R.S 

    Organic Cotton Clothing.
    05 - img_8720.jpg (003).jpgOur clothing range is always reduced and represents excellent value for quality garments.
    The range for Baby, Children, Women and Men just keeps growing, largely in response to your requests and suggestions.

    When you order on-line, you receive a further 5% as a credit towards your next purchase, valid for 90 days.
    Shipping is flat rate $10 to anywhere in Australia. Mattresses; Beds and Furniture are quoted at our TNT rates.

     (code not included)