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Wool Mattresses

Each Blessed Earth mattress is a hand-made masterpiece, meticulously constructed in Australia from organically scoured wool filling and organic cotton exterior. 

This is bedding the way nature intended – no metal springs creating electro-magnetic fields and no man-made substances such as latex foam or polyester to outgas traces of chemicals into your sleeping environment. We invite you to do your own research on these matters. There is an excellent youtube from Steven Magee, who wrote the book: "Toxic Electricity". Anyone in any doubt the EMF toxity of innersprings should watch this video. ...Your body will thank you for the deep and healing sleep it always wanted…

If you are considering a bulk purchase please feel free to send us a wish list and request a quotation...  We prefer it if you call our representatives before ordering to discuss your needs and ensure you are making the best choice for your situation. Mattresses are delivered to your door throughout Australia by TNT. The freight to your area is included in the final price of the mattress. When ordering online please provide a mobile phone number if you have one.

This product is certified by WOOLMARK. While this limits us to giving a 5 year guarantee, your properly cared for wool mattress will perform for decades. This is the same mattress used by and recommended by Dr. Mercola, the U.S. expert on alternative health. Please refer to his article: Some words on the benefits of wool mattresses from Dr Mercola

Please find more information on Blessed Earth Wool Mattresses here.

Testimonial: I am finally getting to write.  My mattress arrived without fuss last month as scheduled.  The first night my body adjusted to the new feel and set up.  From this point on every night has been sooooooo great!  In fact of an evening when I collapse into bed I can almost feel my whole body smile :)  I wake up refreshed and renewed every morning - even when I have less than desired hours of sleep. Letitia Lamb, Tas