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The Blessed Earth pillow is a masterpiece of natural comfort.

It contains certified Bio-Dynamic wool on the inside and certified organic cotton covering. We make them in our Australian factory from the very finest 100% Australian fleece wool and lay claim to the fact that they are the finest wool pillow in the world. Our sheep are not mulesed.

Being made from a natural fibre they will settle down about 25% with usage, without ever going hard. Please allow for this in your selection and call us if you need help with your decision.

We attach the following email from a customer suffering severe symptoms from using a memory foam pillow. It is typical of what we hear from numerous customers. The pillow needs to be an energetically pure fibre product, free from man-made synthetic substances.


I just wanted to thank you for the outstanding service you provided upon my urgent request for delivery to Melbourne of the pillows I recently ordered for my husband's birthday. Not only did the pillows arrive in time, the pillows and their covers were a spectacular success! The pillows are the best ever. Thank you for the beautiful sleeps we have been enjoying!  LP

"Hi Blessed Earth, I purchased 2 of your wool pillows 2 weeks ago. Can I just say this is the best purchase I've ever made. Within a week my sore neck and chronic sinus was completely gone and I had my sense of smell back, my 2 year old who has rarely slept through the night is now doing so easily. I can't wait to buy some more for the rest of my family. Thank you so much" – Emma

Please find more information on Blessed Earth Wool Pillows here.