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Dear Valued Customer, we trust you are well.
It brings us a lot of joy to be able offer you such a range of products that will enhance your well-being.

Organic cotton clothing clearance.

img_5102.jpgThere are still plenty of fantastic bargains to be had at $2 – $15 and there are huge orders coming through from some of our regulars across all types, kids and adults. It’s a great opportunity to stock up, especially for young families.

Let's get real!   Humanity has lost it’s way with our economy dedicated to inventing artificial, petro-chemically derived products to replace natural fibres and substances.
We have yet to understand the full implications for our health in wearing plastic clothing. At what point will the penny drop that polyester is harmful to the human body? In the previous newsletter we pointed out that the main toxic chemical in polyester is ethylene glycol, which gets absorbed into our body through the skin and by inhalation. It can damage kidneys and the central nervous system.

School clothing… If you have kids at school we urge you to encourage the school to consider making available school uniforms made from organic cotton. We have been supplying these at a loss just to get the product out there where it belongs.

img_0381.jpegpackaging 1.jpgLabelling… it is impossible to buy organic cotton labels on the world market. They do not exist. So we are making our own and in a world first, they have just been officially certified by GOTS, see picture on left. It’s another small step towards creating a better world.
Of course, this was the whole point of the sale. We are clearing out all old stock which had non-organic labels and packaging. The new packaging is so beautiful and fully re-usable; please see the picture on right.

That’s probably enough information for one newsletter. There will be more on wool in the next edition.

Organic Bedding Products:
_p1a022811.jpgOrganic Wool Pillows... are at sale prices.
Organic wool Toppers and Super-toppers are 25% off.
Organic Wool Quilts are all 30% off.
Please note: we are catching up on Mattresses and the lead time is now 2-3 weeks. Please always request a quotation if you have a bulk requirement.
Sheet Sets and Quilt Cover Sets are 66% off what you would expect to pay for organic cotton products of that quality in a department store.

Organic Cotton Clothing Saleimg_4801.jpg
There are still amazing specials for Baby, Children, Women and Men on every item of certified organic cotton clothing.
There is nothing over $15.
Please tell your friends and help us to clear this perfect stock at well below cost.
Normally in a sale we put limits on the amount you can order. In this case, everyone has had a fair go and we really need to clear the goods, so will accept bulk orders.

img_3023.jpgProduct Recall: We have been advised by the ACCC that the top on our 9-10 years pyjama style, "Pyjama in Rose", see picture, is 0.5 cm longer than it should be for safety purposes. Customers should cease using the product and return it to our office for a full refund. Please call 07 5429 6811 for further information.

Remember, when you order on-line this week you receive a further 5% as a credit towards your next purchase, valid for 90 days.