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Dear Valued Customer,
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This week, the special is on...

Toppers and Quilts 30% off

blessed-earth-bed-edit-reduced.jpg***  Organic Wool Toppers and Super-toppers are 30 % off.

***  Organic Wool Quilts are all 30% off.
These are the equal of any wool bedding on the planet.
They are made with organic wool filling and covered in organic cotton.
We have them at 30% off for this week only. At these prices they are much better value than the conventional Australian brand sold in department stores

***  Wool Mattresses. The mattress market for aware people has changed this past 8 years, since we came out about the harmful effects of springs and stopped making innerspring mattresses. Here is the advice of the renowned Dr Mercola...  Some words on the benefits of wool mattresses from Dr Mercola

***  Organic Wool Pillows... This is a pure product, just as you need for this part of the body. We try to keep the pillows affordable as they are one of the things everyone should be using.

Organic Cotton Bed-Linen 66% off

_p1a1535 a.jpgThis is an excellent range of fabric types; colours and prints, exclusive to Blessed Earth. We were sold out of numerous sizes but are now fully stocked again.
Certified organic cotton bed-linen guarantees you that a conscious connection has been maintained all the way from the non-GMO seed to the beautiful products you get to enjoy.
This week, Sheet Sets and Quilt Cover Sets are 66% off what you would expect to pay for certified organic cotton products of that quality in a department store.
Organic cotton Bankets in Natural... were sold out for a while but they also are back in stock.

Organic Cotton Clothing

Theimg_4637.jpgre is a massive shipment currently being unpacked and replacing the tens of thousands of garments that have been cleared because they had non-certified labels.
Many of the lines sold out on special will be back in stock as fully organic.
There are still amazing specials for Baby, Children, Women and Men on the old stock of certified organic cotton clothing but they are dwindling fast. You will find many items in Final Clearance Until Sold.
There is not a single sale clothing product that has a full size range.
Most clothing styles are being taken off-line altogether and cleared through our showroom.
Please tell your friends about this last chance to clear this perfect stock at well below cost.

cafe 61.jpgThe Healthy Homewares open night next Thursday evening is promising to be a great success.
As was originally intended, The centre is becoming a sought after outlet for local craftsmen. many of them are retired and making unique works of art for the joy of it.
The main purpose is provide a restful space in which you can consider how to beautify your home with unique and conscious products.
Healthy refreshments will be served from our in-store cafe and several experts will be on hand to explain their products. There will be discounts and sponsors' giveaways on the night.
For more information or to secure a booking, please call Blessed Earth on 07 54942189 or Healthy Homewares on 07 54296557.

img_3023.jpgProduct Recall: We have been advised by the ACCC that the top on our 9-10 years pyjama style, "Pyjama in Rose", see picture, is 0.5 cm longer than it should be for safety purposes. Customers should cease using the product and return it to our office for a full refund. Please call 07 5429 6811 for further information.

When you order on-line, you receive a further 5% as a credit towards your next purchase, valid for 90 days.
Shipping is free over $250 for the next few days.