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Dear Valued Customer,

Organic Wool Update:
Saturday's article on using conventional wool has sparked a lot of controversy.
Also as a positive consequence, we now have 2 new wool suppliers to trial. Let's hope several more materialise.
Many customers have phoned and written in asking the difference between organic wool and conventional wool. 
The short answer is that: 

  • The organic scouring detergents we use are very thorough and wash out most if not all residues from conventional farming practices. After cleaning, the carding, manufacturing and retailing processes all meet organic standards.
  • This is unlike the case with conventional cotton, which is grown, processed and manufactured with chemicals all the way through. It can never be safe to use and we would never sell it.
  • The difference between organically scoured conventional wool and organic wool is mainly philosophical. Like all our customers we support organic practices wherever possible, however if we don't incorporate some conventional wool we won't be able to continue with mattresses. We can confidently say that with organic cotton outer layers, organic cotton covers and organic bedding, this product is as good as the all organic wool version.


Since we started paying a premium for organic Downs wool some 10 years ago....
...The organic detergents we introduced have now become mainstream in our scouring plant with long term benefits for many.
...It has provided an incentive for woolgrowers to convert to organics.
...Organic Downs wool has been established as a desirable commodity in the marketplace.
...We have developed the ultimate natural mattress, with all the advantages of wool. It is the healthiest product on the market.
...At any one time there are numerous customers saving up to buy one. As well as that, our factory would have to lay people off as the production line would become unviable.

As we repeatedly point out, Dr Mercola uses and advovates wool mattresses just like ours - except that his do not contain any organic wool, neither are they covered with organic cotton.
We maintain that even with some conventional wool content, these are still the finest wool mattresses and toppers on the planet. The quilts and pillows are undoubtedly the finest... 

As of 1/03/17, we will not produce 100% organic mattresses and toppers AT ANY PRICE. (So please don't ask.) Our responsibility is to keep them going for as long as we possibly can. All mattresses and toppers ordered by 1/3/17 will have organic wool

If by chance you know of anyone growing organic Downs wool, please let us know. 
Preference will also be given to those growers who are consciously minimising conventional practices on their farms.


Soft Percale Bed-linen 70-80% off: 

image (009).jpgThe big news for this week is the excellent special on our Soft Percale Sheet Sets and Quilt Cover Sets.
As the manufacturers of our bed-linen and all our textile products, we can afford to sell direct to you at near wholesale prices. It is our mission to have organic textiles become the new normal and to achieve that, they have to be affordable.
Amazing Value:   
reverse sky 1.jpgAt 70% off, the prices of a Soft Percale Set are... Single  $66,  King Single  $75,  Double   $99,  Queen  $114,  King  $120, Super-King  $135. There are also separate Fitted Sheets if you prefer.....
If anyone is selling them cheaper than that, they will almost certainly not be declaring their origin or certification details.
We've singled out the Soft Percale range as this week's special as there is such a classic variety of strong designs and colours that all complement each other wonderfully.

What's more, many of them are 80% off, in the Bed-linen Clearance Category, so that you pay only $80 for a King Set.
As we say on the website, Soft Percale offers you the best of both worlds. It has the soft feel of sateen and the durability of percale. We developed the yarn construction as a world first and it has proven to be highly successful.
ustomers who purchase or have purchased  a set or combination of sets are invited to share their experience in photos and/or 50 words or less. 
Entries may be publicised and will go into a draw for a $100 Gift Voucher. The competition will be drawn 28th February at 6pm. The winner will be announced in the Newsletter of 1st April and on Facebook.
We'd like to introduce another complementary colour to the range and welcome your input on that...

img_3023.jpgProduct Recall: We have been advised by the ACCC that the top on our 9-10 years pyjama style, "Pyjama in Rose", see picture, is 0.5 cm longer than it should be for safety purposes. Customers should cease using the product and return it to our office for a full refund. Please call 07 5429 6811 for further information. 

This week, shipping is free for orders over $250. 
Remember, when you order on-line this week you receive a further 5% as a credit towards your next purchase, valid for 90 days.