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  • Wusthof sharpening steel 23 cm

    Wusthof sharpening steel 23 cm

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    • Sharpen your kitchen knives with this diamond-coated steel.
    • Resets the edge by grinding away material from the knife.
    • Extremely fine grit that guarantees a smooth, sharp finished edge.
    • Ergonomic handle with hanging loop.
    • The Impeccable Original Classic Knives for Quality-Conscious Food Fans.

      Wusthof Classic 6 pce Block set has your knife essentials covered:

      200 Years of Knife Craft. Reliable Performance. Cutting-Edge Agility

      The Iconic range chosen by pro chefs

      Blades forged form once piece of steel hardened to 50 degree Rockwell

      Precision Edge Technology (PEtec) double ground to 14 degrees each size

      Perfectly balanced, they are comfortable to hold as you prep for every dish with graceful control.

      Triple Rivet handle with full tang for balance

      Full Bolster with finger guards for extra added safety

      Simplicity, Impressive, Elegance & Timeless Wusthof Classic Knives

      Lifetime Guarantee

      Made in Solingen Germany