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    Like any responsible firm, we pride ourselves on our ability to recycle the materials that come into our business from our suppliers, rather than purchase expensive packaging materials just because they are “organic”.

    As distributors for some of the worlds leading organic suppliers, we have to be guided by their best research into the packaging materials they have selected.

    If a product is sent to us in an appropriately labeled recycled plastic bag, we are not about to ditch that bag and use our own cellophane bags. To do so would be wasteful and irresponsible.

    All the packaging materials we send your purchases wrapped in can be either used again, or disposed of in your Council recycle bin.

    Please don’t expect your goods to arrive in envelopes or cardboard cartons especially printed with Blessed Earth details.

    We would prefer to pass that saving onto you through our inexpensive Postal service, with a minimum charge of just $10.for under 2kg and $20 for over 2kg.