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  • Winter Guard plus

    Winter Guard plus

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    WINTERGUARD PLUS to prevent

    2 doses within 24 hours

    Then one dose a week (if any cold/flu or similar around) if nothing around no dose

    If symptoms start then dose ON RETURN OF SYMPTOMS

    ie – after any improvement as soon as you start to go backwards again take another dose. If NO improvement after 4 doses then another remedy is needed.

    Instructions:   If you have symptoms

    Place 2-3  pills in the mouth.

    Dose once every 15 minutes until symptoms have reduced, then dose only as needed

    (maximum of 8 doses a day). If there is no change at all by 4 doses, stop and contact

    your healthcare practitioner for assistance.

     Winter Guard contains a combination of homeopathic remedies traditionally

    used for aching muscles and joints, fever, headache, weakness, sore throat and

    watery eyes, flushing of the face, and coughing – symptoms associated with the

    flu (and several other ailments).


    Aconite napellus, Arsenicum album, Bryonia alba, Eupatorium perfoliatum, Gelsemium sempervirens,

    Nux vomica 30C (in a water-ethanol-sucrose solution) 

    (plus = Ferr Phos 30C, Anas Barb 200C) Non sterile

     This remedy is suitable for 7 years and over and will not interact with other prescribed medications.