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  • Organic Thin wool pillow 450gm

    Organic Thin wool pillow 450gm

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    A lot of people have been asking for this and it's finally here.  A thinner Standard Pillow

    It carries 450gm of wool compared with our Standard pillow of 700gm.

    It will be ideal for children especially...

    The Standard pillowcases will fit this pillow.

    This photo shows the thinner pillow on top, the standard pillow in the middle and the thick pillow on the bottom.

    70cm x 44cm

    Please choose wisely and check your order on arrival as used bedding cannot be returned.

     For a full description of what's involved in your wool bedding product and how you can expect it to perform, please refer to the web page  Organic Wool Bedding Information.


    Perfect child's pillow 
    Product: Thinner Pillow 
    Posted By: Sarah
    I bought this for my 2.5 year old as we transition him from cot to bed. It's the perfect thickness/height for a toddler. Smelt and felt amazing - a very faint lanolin wool smell through the pillow cover. Using non toxic and natural products for sleeping is one if our highest priorities and we're thankful that Blessed Earth makes this possible. Next winter we'll be investing in a wool doona and mattress topper for him. 

    Hi Blessed Earth,
    I purchased 2 of your wool pillows 2 weeks ago. Can I just say this is the best purchase I've ever made. Within a week my sore neck and chronic sinus was completely gone and I had my sense of smell back, my 2 year old who has rarely slept through the night is now doing so easily.
    I can't wait to buy some more for the rest of my family.
    Combine that with the super fast postage and it's easy to see why I'm so happy.

    Thank you so much