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  • The Coconut Palm Broom
    The Coconut Palm Broom

    The Coconut Palm Broom

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    When is a broom also a rake?
    When it’s an Eco Max Coconut Palm Broom!

    The magic of this broom/rake is the natural fibre that it is made from.

    Traditional Rakes are made from plastic or wire, with large gaps between the prongs. These gaps stop them functioning as a broom.

    Traditional Brooms, no matter what they are made from, are denser so they can sweep. However, because the fibres are softer they will not work as a rake.

    The Coconut Palm Broom has the natural strength and flexibility of the centre rib of the palm frond so it can work as a rake and the density of the fibres allows it to sweep like a broom.

    Plus it looks so beautiful you will want to hang it on your wall.