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  • Tesla Essentials Kit

    Tesla Essentials Kit

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    The Teslas Essential Kit takes care of the main areas in your life that are in need of energy balance.

    It builds on the Teslas Bare Essential Kit and adds the Teslas Small Oyster Plate and the Electron Stabiliser.

    The Teslas Small Oyster influences an area of approximately 1 acre. It produces a bubble of energy which helps counteract Geopathic Stress 6 stories up and 6 stories down.

    This is  particularly  important  when it comes to 5G. It produces a specific energy (non-Hertzian) that makes the frequencies from M/Phone towers (Microwave),   Satellites,    Radar,  5G and high voltage power lines bio-compatible.

    The Teslas Electron Stabiliser is designed to lift the oppressive weight that electrically sensitive people feel when exposed to EMR and EMFs.

    Many people do not realize that the homes we live and the places we work in, are like cages of electrical energy.

    This AC electrical energy that we  rely on, by its nature, is  chaotic  to the membranes of our cells, causing electrical disruptions to the way our cells function.

    The Electron Stabiliser turns that chaotic energy back into a coherant field of energy.