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    Tesla Computer Plate

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    Field of influence approx 1 metre
    The proprietary energy matrix involved with these plates and the harmonics of their shape has helped produce this custom built device. Many computer operators often complain about eyestrain and fatigue after extended time working at their computer.

    You’re 70×70-mm Computer Plate, was developed to work specifically with computer screens and other uses.
    1. Help relieve eye-strain from computer screen
    2. Help speed the healing process.
    3. Improve the taste of water
    4. Help relieve pain.

    After the vibrational signature of the metal has been varied, so that it acts as a transceiver of specific photons (light energy). This product (Computer Plate) is then able to help negate some of the adverse biological effects of man-made EMF’s associated with computer screens.

    70% of the available energy is emitted from the concave side with 30% coming from the dome side.