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  • Tesla  5G Apartment Kit

    Tesla 5G Apartment Kit

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    The Town Kit has been put together for use when travelling, and for those living in high rise city units or flats.

    This Kit assists clients to cover their small townhouse or unit, phones, water and their bodies, at an affordable price.

    The Town Kit consists of:

    • 1 Small Oyster House Plate – covers an area of about 1 acre and 6 floors up and 6 floors down in a high rise building. Allows harmonious living with mobile phone towers, satellites, radar, wifi in the home and renders high voltage power lines biologically compatible.
    • 1 Pocket Plate – helps with minor pains or bruises and can be used to alter the taste of water.
    • 2 Adult Personal Pendants – strengthens the energy field, helps concentration and also helps calm children who are sensitive to the manmade chaotic frequencies. Please note - choose the shapes and styles of your pendants, and leave us a note when you checkout.
    • 4 Phone Tags – alters biological effects coming from mobile or cordless phone transmissions.
    • 1 Electron Stabiliser – attaches around a power cord and softens the chaotic frequencies in the wiring to coherent.
    • 1 Small Water Kit – two part product - one is placed on the kitchen tap, the other is on the shower or bath arm. Developed because the standard Water Kit often is too large to fit to a pipe in a unit.
    • To encourage our clients to take care of all their home and family bio-energy needs, we offer this package at a 20% discount on recommended retail prices.
    • 1 Bag.
    • 1 Owners Manual.

    What are the differences between the Town Kit and Family House Kit?

    Compared with the Family House Kit, and because many people who live in the city don’t have the need for a car, we have not included a Car Travel Plate in the Town Kit and the other difference is the Small Water Kit and the 5G Small Oyster are standard in this Kit.
    ​The Kit can be altered if necessary, for example the Car Travel Plate can be added for an additional cost.