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  • Stain Removal Spray 100ml

    Stain Removal Spray 100ml

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    • Containing organic Quillaja
    • For delicate textiles of wool and silk
    • Effective against fruit, cocoa, ballpoint, grease stains, etc.
    • 100% biodegradable
    • Available in: 100 ml

    • Special product feature Organic Quillaja extract and sugar surfactant combined result in a highly effective as well as gentle agent for removing stains, thus being optimally indicated for delicate textiles, wool, and silk.

      Ranges of application Also suitable for delicate textiles, wool and silk. Effective against stains and spots caused by fruit, cocoa, ballpoint pen, grease, etc.

      Application / Dosage For stain removal: Also on delicate textiles such as wool and silk (test fabric's colour fastness on a concealed spot, if necessary). Put paper towel underneath the stained textile, spray stain from closest proximity and leave on to be effective for approx. 30 sec., thoroughly dab with absorbent paper from above – do not rub. Moisten new sheet of paper with water, place dry sheet of paper under the textile and once again dab thoroughly.

      For pre-treating garments: Spray stained textile from closest proximity and leave on to be effective for approx. 10 min. Put garment straight into the washing machine.