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  • Sonett Bleach Complex

    Sonett Bleach Complex

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    Ingredients: sodium percarbonate, sodium carbonate

    100% Biodegradable - Recyclable container.

    Keep out of the reach of children.

    Ranges of application: *For bleaching white laundry *For removing stains and discolorations from white and colour-fast fabrics *For brightening yellowed and greyish laundry *Effective from 50 °C upwards Application / Dosage: Being without any petrochemical bleaching agents, the Sonett Bleach Complex and Stain Remover is not effective in the washing machine but from 50 °C (122 °F) upwards. If the bleaching agent can act for longer, e.g. having the laundry soak overnight in the Bleach Complex, it is effective at as low as 30 °C. In the 4.5-kg washing machine, from 50 °C: Suitable for all washable white and colour-fast fabrics made from cotton, linen, hemp and fabric blends. Unsuitable for wool, silk, rayon, and microfibres. *Removes all oxidizable stains such as fruit, red wine, tea, coffee, grass, blood, etc. *Prevents greying of white fabrics. *Brightens yellowed and greyish laundry. Dosage: Fill 60 ml/60 g of Bleach Complex into the detergent dispenser drawer of the washing machine during the main washing cycle. Soaking of heavily soiled children's garments or laundry which is washable up to 40 °C only: Dosage: Dissolve 30 ml / 30 g in a bucket with approx. 3 l of warm water, add the garments and weigh them down, e.g. with a plate, so that they remain submerged in the bleaching solution. Leave to act overnight. Then wash as usual in the washing machine. In the dishwasher: To remove stubborn tea and coffee stains on dishes.
 Dosage: Fill 15 ml / 15 g into the dispensing compartment of the dishwasher in addition to the dishwasher detergent.