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    RAYD8® REGEN is an industrial strength BioScalar, BioMagnetic and Natural Frequency Rejuvenation Technology invented by Brad Johnson. Using simple display screens aligned together in a geometrical pattern, the cells of your body become recharged and revitalized aiding your body's natural recovery and increased vitality. RAYD8® REGEN also works with centering the mind and bringing you into deep meditative states calming and relaxing you to increase the effectiveness of the healing process.

    RAYD8® REGEN is a new technology in the alternative medicine field and is currently offering a commercial licensing program to business owners who can use this miraculous technology within their own establishments.

    What RAYD8 REGEN can do for you...

    • Improves Immune System  Our technology can help you to elevate all forms of immune cells and increase immune system efficiency.
    • Restore Energy Levels   RAYD8® REGEN works with BioScalar and amplified natural frequencies to recharge your body's cells to optimal levels so that your body can self-heal

    • Resolves Chronic Pain From aches, sores, stiffness, tension and fatigue, you leave RAYD8® REGEN fully restored and free of discomfort!

    • Balances the Brain RAYD8® REGEN is designed to balance brain hemispheres, awaken dormant areas of the brain and increase brainwave activity

    • Enhances Energy System Chakra centers, acupuncture meridians, nadi flow channels, prana systems... All energy systems in your body are replenished and balanced with RAYD8® REGEN.

    Email or phone to book your session.  18 Maple St Maleny