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  • Rawleigh’s  Barrier Cream - 200g

    Rawleigh’s Barrier Cream - 200g

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    Rawleigh’s Barrier Cream gives skin instant protection against detergents, gardening, garage and industrial work and acts as a barrier against damage and dryness.
    This new improved formula contains added moisturiser and a slight jasmine fragrance.
    Among the active ingredients are

    • Allantoin - occurring naturally in the comfrey root.  Allantoin has been used for centuries as a natural healing agent.
    • Silicone – to protect against skin damage, harsh detergents, soap, etc.
    • Mixed Esters of p-Hyroxybenzoic acid – to check skin bacteria
    • Lanolin emollients – to moisten the skin.

     Massage into skin freely before and after gardening, outdoor and indoor housework, yard work or in the shed.