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  • Organic Cot Quilt 250gsm

    Organic Cot Quilt 250gsm

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    Our luxurious quilts are the finest in Australia - They are also known as Duvet or Doona’s.  The quilt size is 88cm x 138cm

    "My woollen quilt, 250g, arrived Monday. Wednesday night in Altona East, was cold. Karl and I were warm and cosy with our, oh so light, quilt". ... Pauline

    Your high quality wool quilt will last for many years and will not lump or bunch as with regular wool quilts made with polyester resin, due to our unique, layered construction method.

    The Demeter certified wool used in all Blessed Earth’ pillows is from Cowobbee Pastoral Company, Oberon NSW. 
    The superb, 400 thread count organic sateen outer covering is light and fine enough to resist wool "creep" through the fabric.

    The unique insulation qualities of wool will keep you cool in summer and warm in winter.

    The 250gsm quilt is roughly equivalent to one blanket.

    Please note that the width measurements are to the middle of the quilt. The ends of the quilt may initially be slightly wider until the end binding softens with movement and allows the wool to conform to the correct size. We make thousands of these quilts on a fixed frame. They do not vary at all. Every now and then we receive a complaint that the quilt is too big for the quilt cover - sometimes even the Blessed Earth quilt cover. If you wish to check your quilt size, try lying it flat on the floor without any stretching and measure from middle to middle. if the measurement is within a few centimetres that is acceptable as the quilts will shrink slightly. Shrinkage will occur especially at the ends, which may bunch slightly inside the cover while the binding softens. The most common finding though is that the cover has shrunk. Any returns for supposed over-sizing must be at the customer's expense.