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  • Ladies Full Briefs
    Ladies Full Briefs
    Ladies Full Briefs
    Ladies Full Briefs
    Ladies Full Briefs

    Ladies Full Briefs

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    Ladies full brief in pure certified organic cotton.

    cm S M L XL XXL
    waist 64 68 74 76 80
    leg opening


    40 42 44 47
    side seam 16 16 16 18 19
    length (top of band to crotch) 25 26 27 28 29


    About our Clothing Products

    Our goal is to be able to offer a broad selection of basic, healthy clothing for Babies, Children, Women and Men.

    We feel that the purity of our clothing and your commitment in purchasing it, creates a direct link with the natural ways it was produced. It allows a reconnection with Nature.

    Our clothing is made by Go Green Textiles in India and is fully certified by GOTS.

    Sustainability??? The cotton it is made from is grown in a sustainable community of 300 families near Indore in Central India. Cows are raised for dairy products and their manure is used to generate bio-gas for cooking and lighting before going into the compost which uses Bio-Dynamic preparations. The community relies on Monsoonal rains and utilizes the ancient practice of Agni-Hotra to further energise the growing area. Every part of the cotton crop is important. The twigs of the bush are used for lighting fires, the leaves go into the compost. Mechanical traps are set for the insects that predate on the crop. The cotton bolls are handpicked at their maturity up to 5 times a season. This is in stark contrast to the western practice of machine harvesting once a year.

    Our factory has its own effluent treatment and recycling plant and uses 20% solar power, a figure which is increasing steadily. They have their own organic farm which supplies Gir milk daily to factory staff.

    Is it Certified Organic??? The cotton is ginned organically then spun in a mill devoted exclusively to Certified Organic Cotton and manufactured under Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) supervision in an ultra-modern weaving mill. Our factory nearby is also fully GOTS certified. Any dyes used are certified organic by GOTS and contain no heavy metals.

    Are they Fair Trade??? Our cotton workers are respected and well looked after. A special school has been set up exclusively for the benefit of their children. The Swayam Academy not only features a state of the art education facility but also teaches Yoga, Meditation and other extra-curricular activities that will enrich their lives. The social accountability standards required for organic certification are much higher than those required by fair trade a our growers receive a premium for their produce that is greater than the fair trade premium paid to growers. Fair trade also allows chemically grown and processed cotton from GMO seeds - even though those chemicals destroy countless families.

    Low Carbon Miles. All of the growing; processing and manufacturing takes place within a very tight radius. There has been no organic cotton grown in Australia for 10 years now and that is probably as it should be. In the absence of monsoonal rains, it takes a lot of maintenance effort and water to grow a cotton crop organically. The villagers in our community love their work and their lives in making the considerable effort that goes into the clothing you get to buy.

    How do we know? Because we have been privileged to be there and share with them the richness they have to offer. These people are our personal friends.