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  • Hotel White Sateen Stripe Cot Sheet Set

    Hotel White Sateen Stripe Cot Sheet Set

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    Brilliant White  Sheet Sets

    These are made from the same high quality 260 Thread Count Percale.
    In the dyeing process an optical brightener is used, for extra brilliance. this brightener also keeps the bed-linen trye to colour through the rigours of repeated commercial laundry exposure.
    Although the process of optical brightening is certifiable organic by GOTS, it is not accepted as being truly organic in some circles. We invite you to make up your own mind from sites such as this: http://www.scienceinthebox.com/en_UK/glossary/optbright_en.html. There are many other critiques on the internet.

    Bright white sheets are demanded by our hotel clientele so we we are happy to make them available to those of our customers who prefer the crisp white look of yesteryear.
    These sets will hold their brightness well and last for many years.
    Nicely presented in a same fabric drawstring bag.

    Sheet sets come with a fitted and flat sheet and 1 Oxford pillowcase for Cot, Single and King Single; 2 pillowcases for Double, Queen and King.

    Sizes of Fitted Sheets: Cot 77 X 132cm 20cm skirt; Single 93 X 193cm X 35cm skirt; King-Single 107 X 203cm X 35cm skirt; Double 140 X 193cm X 39cm skirt; Queen 153 X 203cm X 39cm skirt; King 183 X 203cm X 39cm skirt.

    Sizes of Flat Sheets: Cot 130 X 180cm; Single 195 X 265cm; King Single 215 X 280cm; Double 240 X 265cm; Queen 250 X 280cm; and King 280 X 280cm. Sizes of Pillowcases: Cot 40 X 60cm; Standard 48 X 72cm.