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  • Health Factory Nano Platinum

    Health Factory Nano Platinum

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    The Health Factory applies knowledge from ancient civilisations to modern times. We deliver the highest possible quality without compromise while spreading this knowledge.

    The Health Factory believes that humans can do much more than we think.

    Use after overexposure in the sun, anti-aging.
    Suitable for the whole family from 0 – 120 years.
    Suitable for animals.

    Directions for use:
    Apply 2 x 1 pipette (1ml / 20 drops) directly to the desired body part.

    Can be evenly distributed over the skin using your fingertips.

    Refill for the 15 ml spray bottle or 100 ml pipette bottle.

    Suggested use: 2 x 1 pipette (1ml / 20 drops) per skin part, e.g. face, neck and decollage, arms, abdomen or legs.