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    Carbo veg

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    Carbo veg

    Indigestion, flatulence, belching, nausea after eating fatty foods

    Fainting or collapse


     Take the remedy by placing 3-5 pillules under the tongue and let them dissolve there.

     Avoid touching the remedies with your hands. Tip the pillules into the lid of the vial and then drop them under the tongue.

     When administering pillules to infants or small children either crush the pillule and give directly or add to a glass of water, stir several times (the pillules will not dissolve) and take a teaspoon of the mixture as the dose.

     If any pillules are dropped, they should be discarded. Do not return the pillules to the vial.

     If after taking a dose of the remedy the symptoms get better or worse, please stop taking the remedy and watch and wait. Only have another dose of the remedy if the symptoms begin to return. In this case, take one more dose and then wait.

     For acute symptoms a dose can be taken every 30 minutes for a maximum of 3-4 doses, then one dose every 1-2 hours if needed. When the condition starts to improve stop taking the remedy.

     If symptoms change, then another remedy may be indicated.

     Avoid taking anything orally 10 minutes either side of taking the remedy. This includes food, coffee, medications, and even cleaning your teeth.

     Large amounts of peppermint, garlic, menthol, eucalyptus and other aromatics should also be avoided on the days when the homoeopathic medicine is taken


     Homeopathic remedies should maintain their potency for many years. Store homoeopathic remedies away from: direct sunlight, heat, aromatics, perfumes, disinfectants, medicine chests, televisions, computers, mobile phones and other sources of electromagnetic radiation. They are best stored in a cool, dark and dry place.

    The information on this website is not intended as a substitute for consultation or advice from your healthcare provider. We recommend that you always seek medical advice where available. Serious injuries and illness should never be treated without seeking expert medical advice. The advice and product information listed here is based on remedy pictures outlined in Homoeopathic Texts and Materia Medicas.