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  • An Energetic Understanding

    An Energetic Understanding



    It is our inherent spiritual essence. The most powerful of all is a being conscious of their purpose. Knowing who you are and what you ‘do’ in a space is powerful and fulfilling.

    Without purpose there can be no love.

    Purpose involves contributing or giving benefit and is nonnegotiable. Contributing is an inherent purpose throughout all of life. If you are conscious you will know this and be able to see the beauty regardless of how things look.

    There is a ‘line in the sand’ which can be used to test your power of giving. It’s easy to give when you feel good, but will you give even when you don’t feel like it.  ……conditional or unconditional.


    Walking through the mind can feel like you are going mad…….it is like a computer defragging.


    When power internally is held, purpose in action is grounded in physical form. Communication is emitted or radiated. This can be picked up and responded to by others who are aligned or tuned into what is being emitted. We can have immense influence by holding consciousness and emitting this.



    Manifestation is occurring 24/7! We are able to see what we are emitting based on what is manifesting around us in the sea of consciousness.

    Some emotional frequencies………..



    Jealousy is a covert operation which creates an inability to receive. Covert rage based on an assumption of an inability to create from purpose. Forms resentment and is a stealing of energy. It is a forceful energy with no vulnerability. A harsh energy that kills and destroys any spiritual abilities.


    This energy is ‘I am who I am’ energy. It holds a purity and simplicity. It is honest clean and clear.


    This is an energy which states. I believe in myself. I believe in you. I believe in nature.

    Trust is an energy which opens the door to possibility.


    Harmony is a state of flowing with the feelings of the heart, having trust.


    This is about operating with clarity of self. Minding your own business. Doing what is yours to do. Freedom is a result of operating from responsibility or being on purpose.


    Freedom is love in action. Responsibility invites freedom.


    This is a block to the spiritual universe and maintains the mind. It is a heavy energy which creates submissive and victim consciousness.


    Fear means living as a hostage. It creates anti life action.

    Decisions are made and actions taken based on a potential threat. Most people are operating on a coping pattern once set up to maintain life. Life is experienced with a ‘repeat button on’. – opportunities are continually presenting but being filtered out .  When these are in place risks are rarely taken and life is lost.


    When operating from truth we don’t need approval. We are rolling out an energy which allows the experience of innocence.

    Truth is fresh air to the spirit. It is activational and inspirational.


    Is the great distractor and creator of coping patterns. It is a projected ideal which diverts and syphons energy creating procrastination and is the cause of incompletions and lack of fulfilment. Perfectionism blocks us from seeing the beauty that is and accepting people for who they are. It is a form of judgment that makes everything and everyone appear wrong. It is a major block to love and present time experience and creation.


    Held within the liver. Scepticism is the blocker to magic and miracles which are the essentials of nature. Scepticism breeds mistrust and creates repetition of life experience. It blocks spiritual growth and is the great controller and foundation on which most coping patterns are built.


    This energy creates rebellion or conformity and is the ultimate unnatural energy. It creates separation and is ‘divide and conquer’.


    In nature nothing ever repeats itself exactly the same way twice. Nature is infinite expressions of uniqueness.  Divine intelligence.  A person operating in alignment with purpose is operating from their true nature and is ultimately immune to disease.


    Is repetition and stagnation. Mind control. Linear or finite.



    Shock involved and displacement from knowingness therefore there is often no pathway apparent or understanding available therefore no resolution or healing easily available.



    We are in relationship with all that is always.

    If we are alive then our relationships can be alive.

    Most relationships are based on contracts born out of fear to seemingly create security. Of course this is the ultimate entrapment for all concerned.

    Sexual relationships mean that we are in an energetic relationship which means our environment includes our partner’s energy as if it were our own.



    Spiritual immunity means being unaffected.

    Allows you to meet an incoming agenda and transmute it.

    Immunity is acquired when maintaining purity of purpose.

    It is consciousness in action.

    Grounded spirituality. Sustainability



    Harmony of all aspects of self to a degree that allows flow and regeneration and rejuvenation.  Sustainability.


    Means solving and completion.  Means dissolving separation and time locked flows or time lags.

    It means clearing energetic parasites which are the coping patterns.

    Gaining of wisdom.

    We cannot ‘heal’ another. Healing is done by the person. It is an internal action.

    We can support or activate healing by creating an environment for this to occur.

    Just as we are unable to do the growing for a plant yet we can assist growth by contributing to the environment in which the plant is growing.


    What is of value? Anything of true value will relate to purpose. If everyone operated from here there would be plenty of everything for everyone.

    True education or learning is easy and natural. Enforced education makes it difficult to retain information or anything which is not relevant to our purpose. Children or adults who have difficulty with this are often demonstrating much greater intelligence, though they may not look good to the traditional system. Education usually stifles creativity because the emphasis is on retaining knowledge or learning ‘another’s’ information or way.

    Most of our systems are based on impositions.

    Nature has  intelligence  or a chronological  priority which is of greater value to  a life form than a false chronological/imposed time frame which is manufactured.  Eg  $ for hours or anything which implies more time equals more value.

    Most rules diminish value as they oppose natural lore which is based on principles rather than rules and laws.

    True memory  isn’t  chronological………..rather we remember things based on their value to us.

    Operating from values which are false to us creates distraction, requires lots of repetition and blocks our creativity and leads to unhappiness. False values create energetic parasites.


    The body doesn’t lie. So this can be used to determine or validate truth for anything at all. It is only ever a present time indication as energy is always in motion so truth may be changing as this occurs.


    The greatest fulfilment comes from a ‘being’ being. = in a natural flow = being on purpose = operating honestly = being in integrity.

    Who are any of us to judge how this may ‘look’ or be expressed. All of us know when this is happening because there is a beauty which is felt when this occurs. Often people go in search of this externally if it is not tangible internally. And why not.  If it supports connection with the source of all of life then fantastic.

    When we seek external sources we create imitations to replace inner source. The inner source being purpose in action. This can be anything. Consciousness = connection to all of life. Self sourcing means through connection to self, there is a connection to all of life.

    As a plant sources all of its needs for growth from its environment…………….minerals and nutrition from the earth and light or photosynthesis. Although we may have no knowledge of the intricacies involved in a plant growing, we see the result.

    Nature is a demonstration of spiritual lore or natural law. In nature there is always a life flow in action.

    We are in relationship with ALL things at ALL times. What we experience is related to our level of consciousness and the environment we are surrounded by.

    The environment is a key determinant of experience. Eg a bird in a cage may remember how to fly but is having a limited experience if in captivity. Same as a person in a prison – they may be able to experience freedom but it will be a limited one.

    Consciousness = experiencing on all levels and involves alignment on all levels (mind body spirit and environment)

    Freedom and love are aspects of consciousness which come from operating as self. Anything which creates a false or unnatural flow is an  interference to beingness or the way something works.

    Nothing in nature needs training or education it simply operates from knowingness. If left to its natural state things ‘do what they do’ and they simply WORK!

    They do what they do, be what they are in a pure and simple way. Usually the less interference the better.

    Although there is a complexity in creation it is simple.

    We have done so much training or had so much training that our connection to natural ways of being are mostly what is not being shared.

    We are mostly sharing each other’s rules for life or survival and long ago lost the plot.

    Consciousness is aliveness. There is enough knowingness of how nature/creation works to be part of that flow and trust in this connection.

    When we feel bored it is a symptom of lack of consciousness.

    Disease is a symptom of lack of flow or loss of consciousness. The life force or spirit is light – literally, and it moves accordingly, and the physicality follows this movement. i.e. we are manifesting form always. If we were to act on our intuition there would be no repeats.

    As we move towards operating from intuition any patterns show up. The journey back to our natural selves (freedom and truth) involves defragging the mind or dissolving judgements.

    We have learned and been trained to exchange ideas and money which are generic monotones.

    When a routine existence is disturbed……anything out of  the ordinary is experienced eg a holiday we can often be reminded of the feeling of freedom or expansion. This can often set up a false way of wanting more of it or using external means to replace an internal action.

    Mostly we have a planet of people having repeated and limited experiences which are being manifested from limited consciousness.



    True power comes from consciousness or knowingness. It is a powerful flow because it is linked with all of life and is the divine intelligence. When we link with this we are linked to a major force which is travelling in one direction or has one intention.  Anything less than this is an imitation or ego based and is a separation from the essence of self.  There is a common inherent spark in all of life which is ever available to embrace more life. This spark grows and strengthen with any form of truth.

    The spirit shuts down when fed lies unless it is able to use this inflow and transform it into something of value.  This act of transmuting creates magic, spiritual immunity. It means being unaffected by falsity and is a being able to be true to the self = mastery = self-sufficiency/sustainability = operating knowingly from purpose/beingness.

    Competition assumes scarcity and enforces a fight for survival way of operating. There is an agenda seeking power over and intention for suppression. Ultimately it is all about keeping everything for self and is a breeding ground for greed and take.

    A person who is stable around  knowing  they can create whatever they require will not be competitive. There is no need to keep anything as you can always create more of what is given so there can be no loss.

    It’s a way of operating………..mining……….matrix =  mining = looking for what we can get

    Nature = giving = looking for what we can give = sustainability.  Nature is abundance in action as is our true nature. Our natural state is creative and inventive and giving.

    Our thoughts are powerful forces which create our life experiences. These can be difficult to change when linked with emotion. The result is we are sharing non original  or stagnant energy which is ‘anti life’.  On a grand scale we are polluting the environment this way! Relationships are being poisoned.

    Abundance comes from within and is a result of creating from purpose. When we are able to sustain our own space or environment we are less likely to exchange contracts and more likely to operate unconditionally. Now we are ready for healthy relationships.

    In a healthy or fertile environment two people can experience powerful creations.   If the spirit is engaged there will be an osmosis occur as there is a pooling of resources. The result of this type of relationship is that more is created  than either is able to create individually and creates a potent giving flow able to sustain more life.

    We see and know this physically as a new life form can be created when two people come together physically. It is the same when two people come together spiritually with common intent and purpose. More consciousness is birthed.

    Machines just operate in repeated known ways without life or true intelligence.  Beings are infinitely intelligent and can solve anything!


    Body work alignment……….maturity.

    0-18 there are 5 stages of development which create  maturity and functional operating.  Because of dysfunction at any stage we have adult bodies attempting to gain completion of these developmental stages.  Children in adult bodies. No one to blame!

    Stage 1 Age 0-1 The trust centre in the brain is being established.

    Stage 2 Age 2-5 Success….learning to do things by ourselves. If not completed we create low self esteem and have no trust in our own judgement.

    Stage 3 Age 6-9 Logic and reasoning. Thinking styles begin. Fear of punishment is often set in place here.

    Stage 4 Age 10-12 the ability to carry something through and complete things.

    Stage 5 Age 13-18 all about identity.  Sexuality.

    Mostly we think of surviving something in physical terms…………which results in immunity to the same ‘crisis’

    Spiritually this is the same.

    The commonality is both are viruses………..lies go viral……….judgements etc and replace truth.

    Truth is what is required to spiritually survive the illusion and create immunity.

    When we bring truth into a situation we disempower the lie and empower the being or knowingness and the result is consciousness which gives a being the ability to bring more and more truth into situations…..resulting in greater power as there is greater intelligence available to perpetuate this way of operating.

    When the body is in alignment any physical help will be of greater value as it can be ‘taken up’ and used at greater potential. We can change something on any level but when there is an alignment of all levels we have true change.






    Micro Macro…………homeopathic action.

    We can align our planet and the systems we have in place by realigning the core energy of individuals which hold the systems in place.

    When we change values individually we change the collective value.

    We begin by changing the relationship or values……..self with self……….self with others…….partnership………..family……..community………out to planetary and beyond.   We are in relationship with all that is in all ways.  …kingdoms and dimensions and planes.  Alignment of all this bring a completion and a new beginning.  A new way of operating from wisdom.

    This is the opportunity.