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  • Furi Pro Utility Knife 15cm

    Furi Pro Utility Knife 15cm

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    Furi Pro knives were designed for professional chefs, but their popularity has grown to the home user, thanks in part to the endorsement of celebrity chefs world wide. The knives are constructed of a high-carbon stainless-steel alloy in a single piece, to eliminate rivets and seams that can harbor food particles or cause discomfort. In fact, the 'reverse wedge' shape of the handles makes them easier to grip even when hands are wet, reducing strain during long bouts of chopping and cutting.


    • The Furi pro utility knife is an excellent all round sling knife
    • The thin blade makes slicing easy
    • The blade length and light weight is often preferred by those who find the Cook's knives too large
    • The high Carbon stainless steel material is tougher than any Vanadium stainless steel
    • Designed in Australia by Engineers and Chefs
    • One piece seamless stainless steel construction
    • Made in China
    • Limited lifetime warranty

    Furi Pro Knives benefit from Furi's advanced research and development into blade sharpening and honing. Furi Pro knives have a 20° edge, the perfect balance of sharpness and stability, and is an angle readily reproduced using the Furi sharpener at home. The result are knives that hold their edge for longer, and are really easy to sharpen when they have become dull. The combination of a comfortable, well-designed handle and sharp blade make Furi Pro incredibly rewarding knives to own.