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  • Eco Max Kitchen Scrubber
    Eco Max Kitchen Scrubber
    Eco Max Kitchen Scrubber

    Eco Max Kitchen Scrubber

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    This 100% natural coconut fibre scrubber is a great all-round, eco-friendly scrub brush for your kitchen and home. The ECOMAX Kitchen Scrubber is a long-lasting, sustainable alternative to the nylon scourer.  It cleans without scratching, is dishwasher safe and doesn’t contain micro plastics.

    Ethically handmade in Sri Lanka from coconut fibre, this naturally anti-bacterial coconut scrubber won’t become smelly or mouldy with use and once it reaches the end of its life simply throw it in the compost to biodegrade.

    Don’t think this scourer is just for your kitchen, its cleaning power will also work wonders in your bathroom, backyard, BBQ, boat or shed.

    Plastic free. Biodegradable. Vegan. Fair Trade. Zero Waste.

    Key features:

    • Plastic free – means zero microplastic pollution
    • Ethically Handmade – supporting women producers in Sri Lanka
    • Vegan Certified – no hidden animal products
    • 100% Natural – made from the outer husk of mature coconuts, a by-product of the coconut industry
    • Long-lasting – coconut fibre keeps its shape, strength and scrubability
    • Naturally Antibacterial – always smells fresh and mould free
    • Non-greasy – fats and oils don’t congeal on the surface, they simply wash off
    • Non-Abrasive – Will not scratch surfaces
    • Dishwasher Safe – Heat resistant and easy to clean
    • Galvanised Wire – so your brush will never rust
    • Biodegradable – Compost to breakdown naturally

    Perfect for cleaning:

    Cleans all surfaces without scratching such as enamelware, stainless steel, cast iron, timber breadboards and non-stick pans. Even delicate surfaces such as natural bench tops.

    The bristles easily reach hard to clean places – graters, mesh strainers, thermomix or stove tops.

    The tough fibres are great for scrubbing off baked on food and stubborn stains

    Give your Scrubber a second life after the kitchen, cleaning the bbq, pets bowls or outside jobs

    Care of brush:

    Rinse and place in your dish rack to dry.

    Dishwasher safe.

    End of life:

    Throw into the compost bin at the end of its life to breakdown naturally. No need to remove the wire, the coconut fibres will be eaten by micro-organisms and the remaining wire can be recycled when the compost is spread.