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  • Stain Remover (with brush) 200ml

    Stain Remover (with brush) 200ml

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    • Effective action against tough stains. 
    • For the effective removal of stains such as grass, blood, chocolate, oil, fruit.


    • The benefits: * Easy to use brush head * Effective stain removal * With organic vegetable oil * Enzyme-free, GM-free * No colouring or preservatives

      Effect: SODASAN Stain Removal Gel is an effective agent for the removal of stains such as grass, blood, chocolate, oil or fruit. The product can also be used as a pre-treatment for machine washing tough stains, such as on shirt collars.

      Dosage: Apply SODASAN Stain Removal Gel to tough stains using the brush head and leave it to work. Then rinse out or put in the washing machine. Repeat the process for tough stains. Not suitable for very delicate fibres. Please following the care instructions for fabrics.

      Product features: Please check the colourfastness of fabrics before use.

    • Water, Soap derived from plant oils,* Ethanol (plant-derived alcohol), Glycerine, Citrate, Essential oils (Limonene, Linalool). 

      *Certified organically grown 

      Keep out of the reach of children.