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  • Pine Oil Germicide & Cleanser - 1litre

    Pine Oil Germicide & Cleanser - 1litre

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      Rawleigh’s Pine Oil Germicide & Cleanser contains Pine Oil in a coconut oil base with other natural ingredients making it an effective natural antiseptic, germicide, disinfectant cleaner and deodorant.  Pine Oil Germicide & Cleanser is particularly good for oily types of stains and dirt as well as germ killing and deodorising.
    Its coconut oil base makes it gentle on the hands and, because it contains no abrasives, it will not scratch baths, basins or whiteware appliances.

    Rawleigh’s Pine Oil Germicide & Cleanser is …
    Concentrated –      should be diluted for most cleaning jobs.  Powerful enough for the toughest jobs.
    Economical –         one product for so many jobs.
    Labour saving –     does three jobs in one – cleans, disinfects, deodorises.
    Biodegradable –    will not harm lakes or streams.
    Gentle –                 non-caustic, won’t irritate hands or skin in good condition.
    Antiseptic –            excellent for killing bacteria on clothing, farm yard buildings, toilets and shower areas.
    A deodorant –        kills stale and unpleasant odours with ease.
    A disinfectant –      for hands and washing infected wounds and sores.

    Rawleigh’s Pine Oil Germicide & Cleanser

    1. cuts down on house cleaning time by doing three jobs at once – cleaning, disinfecting and deodorising.
    2. leaves an after-aroma that lets you know that your room is clean with the fresh fragrance of pine.
    3. automatically disinfects while you clean by removing breeding grounds for many disease causing germs.
    4. is easy to use.  Just follow the label instructions on the container.  Has flea and mite killing capacity and is a flea repellant.