Knife Block Set - 8 Piece

Knife Block Set - 8 Piece

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The Füri Pro 8 Piece Knife Block Set


This knife block is constructed with bamboo and acacia and crafted with wide knife entry slots to help guide the knife easily back into the block. The upright block saves countertop space while non-slip feet offer a stable base for safety.

The Füri Pro 8 Piece Knife Block Set brings together the key knives required for any cutting task. The knives are neatly housed in a wooden storage block designed to keep your knives in the best condition ready for their next use. The knives feature the innovative Füri wedge-shaped handle and ultra sharp blades to deliver outstanding comfort, performance and balance.


·        Paring Knife 9cm (3.5 inch)

·        Utility Knife 15cm (6 inch)

·        Serrated Utility Knife 15cm (6 inch)

·        East/West Santoku Knife 17cm (7 inch)

·        Bread Knife 20cm (8 inch)

·        Carving Knife 20cm (8 inch)

·        Diamond Fingers Knife Sharpener

·        Segemented Wood Knife Block.


·        Japanese stainless steel

·        Reverse-wedge handle

·        Hand wash knives in warm soapy water with the blade pointed away

·        Dry thoroughly after washing

·        Block can be cleaned with a damp cloth