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    BEE Kissable - Pure HEALTHY Lip Balm for SERIOUSLY Chapped and Cracked lips 25g

    Our secret Lip Balm helps keep lips as they should be soft and moist all day long. NOW with Australian Manuka Honey. YUM! Still the same effective natural ingredients with a boost of Honey. 

    Ingredients from the Australian bush and just a hint of Lavender essential oil plus Royal Jelly to assist wound healing and strengthen connective tissue.

    Royal Jelly plus Certified Organic Lavender to help....

      • Soften lips
      • Sooth cracked and chapped lips
      • Sooth sensitive skin due to the elements
      • Protect against the elements
      • Long lasting
      • Seriously GOOD and HEALTHY

    Relieve Cold Sores

    This popular lip balm will relieve cold sores and more. Containing Royal Jelly and recommenced for adults. Our BEE Honey Kissed is specially for kids and the whole family.

    Australian Organic Beeswax, Shea Butter, Royal Jelly, Manuka Honey, Grapeseed oil, Organic Lavandula essential oil, Cetryl Stearyl Alcohol, Vit E.