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    Baby BUZZ Balm

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    Pure Balm for Little Bubs

    NEW Handy purse size 25g 

    Baby Buzz is natural and pure with Australian unrefined beeswax and gentle Paw Paw to help protect little ones. With Australian Manuka Honey to sooth and help repair plus a hint a lavender to ward off nasties. This little balm is a Mother's Godsend according to many Mums.

    Our Baby Buzz may assist in....

      • Protecting delicate skin - New Mum's nipple care.
      • Moisturize and sooth chapped skin due to teething dribble and climate.
      • Sooth and protect nappy care
      • Help moisten and loosen cradle cap

    Organic unrefined Australian beeswax, Paw Paw extract, Shea Butter, Grapeseed oil, cetryl stearyl alcohol(plant derived) Certified organic Jojoba oil, Natural Vit E 0.02% Lavender to relieve irritation.

    NO added ROYAL JELLY and NUT FREE for Bubs protection.

    This is a natural product. External Use ONLY.  If problems persist seek advice from your health care practitioner.