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  • Aus-ion Satin by Solidteknics 35cm Bigga Skillet
    Aus-ion Satin by Solidteknics 35cm Bigga Skillet
    Aus-ion Satin by Solidteknics 35cm Bigga Skillet

    Aus-ion Satin by Solidteknics 35cm Bigga Skillet

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    • The biggest Solidteknics skillet, perfect for big families and entertaining, fire, restaurant or kitchen.
    • Dual handles are designed slim to fit inside popular hooded BBQ, or oven. 
    • Thick 4mm wrought iron for very even heat conduction
    • This Bigga skillet will become the lid for the upcoming matching 35cm Bigga Oven! (dutch/camp oven)
    • Total width of 44cm, pan is 5cm deep
    • weighs 3.77kg's

    SOLIDTEKNICS has developed three ranges of innovative cookware: AUSfonte™ cast iron, AUS-ION™ wrought iron (formed low-carbon steel), and nöni™ stainless cookware. All are made in Australia, all are non-toxic, healthy, sustainable, and multi-century durable. AUS-ION™ and nöni™ are both world-first seamless 1-piece wrought pans, with patents pending.  

    The clean Australian iron ranges cook and season very similarly, like all bare iron pans, with the only known non-toxic and forever-renewable nonstick.

    They are designed to work together as a complete set of complementary pans, on any heat source.

    - 100% made in Australia from clean heavy-metal-free Australian sheet iron (low carbon steel).  

    - Patent-pending seamless, one piece, rivet-free construction for improved hygiene and multi-generation durability (warranty is multi-century).  

    - Broad, ergonomic handle for comfort, improved dynamics, and reduced fatigue.   - Heavy venting in neck to reduce heat transfer for cooler handling.  

    - Efficient and even heating on/in any heat source, from induction to electric, gas, bbq, and fire pits, any oven (except microwave!), while remaining warp-free and multi-century tough, even in restaurants. 

    - Shot peened & naturally pre-seasoned all over with rice bran oil for healthy nonstick with no stripping required prior to use. With proper care, this natural nonstick will last as long as the pan