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Organic farming

  Attached are 2 pictures for your reference. One from our organic farm and the other one  from an adjacent farm. These have been clicked at the same time after same rainfall…

The conventional farm has GM Cotton from Monsanto and Organic cotton farm has Indian Cotton traditional seeds sown. 

 You could see the difference, there is no water logging in the organic farm where as the conventional farm has huge water logging. 

 This is because of presence of earth worms in the organic land, it is porous and allows the water to get absorbed. Where as the land with water has been cultivated using chemicals, pesticides, GM Seeds and has formed a layer which does not allow the water to go inside and forms a flood like situation in a very small rainfall. 

This is impacting the ground water level badly which is not recharging and going down day by day. 

This would help people to understand the importance of Organic farming. convential-farm.jpgour-biodynamic-farm.jpg