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About Blessed Earth

Blessed Earth was born in 2004 and has since grown into a world leader in certified organic clothing and bedding - and now carpets.

In conjunction with these top quality textile products Blessed Earth offers a wide range of genuine and often unique health products; products that enhance our quality of life.

Blessed Earth is a trading partner of some of the world’s other leading organic suppliers in India, Egypt and Turkey. Our business is as much about the people as the products. We work with our international trading partners at a grass roots level to ensure authenticity and commitment to our purpose.

Blessed Earth is about leadership and making available the very best for people at the best prices available in as many ways as it can, operating at all levels, manufacturing, wholesale, consultancy, on-line and retail. Essentially we are about being of service. We genuinely appreciate your constructive feedback which helps us with the daily decisions we need to make about the products we develop and source. We operate from Maleny QLD and distribute goods in Australia only. Our one direct-to-the-public shop is in Maleny.

We also sponsor the Maleny Marketplace which allows people to experience the best coffee and food. Most of the food for the marketplace is grown organically on reclaimed land at the back of the cafe.

Essentially we are passionate about facilitating positive change for this planet and its people. We feel that Australia is the perfect seeding ground for the establishment of a saner world practicing empowerment and open co-operation towards the greater good.

When you shop with Blessed Earth you support us in fulfilling our purpose.