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  • Organic Thick wool pillow 1100gm

    Organic Thick wool pillow 1100gm

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    It is especially designed to offer both comfort and support.

    The thick pillow is 44cm x 70cm and approximtely 15cm thick. It has a firmer feel than the standard pillow. It will pack down about 20% over time, nowhere near as much as cotton, and will always retain a natural resilience.

     It has a certified organic cotton casing and contains a number of layers of certified Bio-Dynamic wool.

    Please Note: Blessed Earth advises the use of a pillow protector to ensure the long life of your pillow as washing of wool pillows is not recommended. Regular airing in sunshine is a great way to freshen up and sanitise your pillow.

    A note about scouring: Scouring is the process by which wool is cleaned. The conventional process is to "carbonise" it using sulphuric acid, which dissolves all vegetable matter that might be contained in the wool. Obviously, we refuse to use that process and as a consequence there may be occasional impurities in the wool. which can show through the cover. Similarly, the covers on all our wool bedding products are unbleached organic cotton. Consequently there can be the occasional slight mark on the product which would normally be bleached out in a conventional product. Please regard these as beauty spots - further evidence of the purity of the product you are buying.

    This product is proudly made in Australia and is certified by Woolmark. It carries a 5 year workmanship guarantee..

    For a full description of what's involved in your wool bedding product and how you can expect it to perform, please refer to the web page  Organic Wool Bedding Information.

     Hi Blessed Earth, 

    I purchased 2 of your wool pillows 2 weeks ago. Can I just say this is the best purchase I've ever made. Within a week my sore neck and chronic sinus was completely gone and I had my sense of smell back, my 2 year old who has rarely slept through the night is now doing so easily.
    I can't wait to buy some more for the rest of my family.
    Combine that with the super fast postage and it's easy to see why I'm so happy.

    Thank you so much