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Organic Wool Rugs

Only the finest N.Z. and English certified organic wools are used in our carpets. The wool industry is not yet sufficiently developed in India to enable certification and we are currently exploring the possibility of supplying Australian organic wool of the right fibre construction.

Wool carpets are generally considered to be warming underfoot. Wool is very resilient and its texture allows it to quickly recover from crushing or indenting caused by footsteps or furniture. This natural resilience also keeps the rug looking new and fresh for longer periods of time. Wool has a 30% higher rate of stain resistance than synthetic carpets, due to the residual lanolin that coats the wool fibre. The lanolin also acts as a barrier against dirt and stains. Wool is also naturally fire resistant and moisture repellant.

Research from the CSIRO reveals that organic wool is excellent for filtering VOC's from the atmosphere. Conventionally produced wool carpets actually produce VOC's due to the manufacturing techniques involved.

Your organic wool carpet is a wonderful investment due to it's superior (to synthetics) performance and natural longevity. Please note there can be some fibre loss in the early stages of any genuine wool rug. This may be an issue for you to consider if you have toddlers.

Blessed Earth carries stock of Natural flatweave, hand-tufted and shag pile.

Only certified organic vegetal dyes are used. Please note that any colour or print can be achieved and quoted for.

Rug care ... for a complete explanation on how to care for your carpet please click here.

Please find more information on Blessed Earth Organic Rugs & Carpets here.