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Organic Broadloom Carpet

"Nature under your feet"

Working closely together, Organic Weave and Blessed Earth have now developed the world’s first organic broadloom carpets. Not only are they certified organic, they are also individually hand-loomed.

The ancient craft of making carpet on hand looms has largely been superseded by machine loom carpets in the last 50 years or so. They are faster; more economical and ideally suited to the synthetic yarns that now comprise 90% of the world’s broadloom carpet. This is probably just as well as it would be impossible to cater for the world broadloom demand in natural fibres like cotton and wool.

However the broadloom carpets of today are lacking in individuality and life-force; devoid of creative expression. What is little understood is that the natural process of transforming a natural fibre into a work of art by hand is severed with the use of machine looms. The consumer is reduced to having to select on the basis of price and colour. What was once a joyful selection involving an appreciation of craftsmanship, has been reduced to finding something that will fill a need.

The Organic Weave hand-made organic broadloom carpets give aware consumers the life-enhancing opportunity to once again feel good about the carpets they are walking and living on, because of:       Natural feel     Good health        Responsible choice      Custom made       A sense of well-being       Preservation of traditional crafts and rural employment

Organic Weave broadloom carpets are as close to Nature as one can get, while still offering many years of excellent service.

In Nature, no two are the same, within infinite diversity. Each Organic Weave carpet carries the vibration of the craftsman who created it. It is an individual, not a machine made commodity, made from 3 main materials: Cotton; Wool and Silk.

In the case of wool, we also offer “village wool”. This is wool grown by villagers who know nothing of organics and farm as their ancestors have done for centuries, without the need for chemicals. This wool is generally coloured and clips are grouped together to afford interesting blends and patterns. Hand-tufting also allows us to custom make designs into room sizes if you prefer.

Blessed Earth's broadloom carpets use an organic GOTS certified jute backing; held in place by FSC latex which does not outgas VOC's.


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