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Soft Percale 400 Thread Count

img-3816.jpg"The best of both worlds"

Percale is traditionally a "crisp" feeling fabric, made from a 30's yarn and noted for its durability. 10 years ago it was the fabric of choice, largely because the alternative, sateen, was renowned for its tendency to pill and have poor durability. While the tendency to pill has been largely overcome, sateen can never be as durable as percale because of the method of construction whereby the length-wise yarn, or warp, is not picked up every time by the cross-wise yarn, or weft, resulting in a smoother, softer feeling that the one-on-one percale.

The 400TC percale we have developed in conjunction with Gogreen Textiles uses a superior, finer 60's yarn, delivering a softer feel with some sheen and almost the same durability as the traditional 250TC percale. In other words it delivers the best of both worlds.

We feel this is the fabric of the future and have on the drawing boards more colours and designs so that we can offer you the complete package in this fabric option. We will continue to offer colour ranges in 400TC and 700TC sateen, each of which has its own merits.

While developing this range, we were approached by a design student wishing to do her internship with us. The result was the beautiful floral print you see on our quilt cover sets.        "Blessed Earth provided me with a fantastic opportunity to internship with them during 2015, which has encouraged me to pursue career pathways that I wouldn't have thought imaginable before. During my time there I was presented the task of designing a print for the company that would be suitable for all ages, not gender specific and most importantly captures the essence of the brand.  Through looking towards the beautiful Australian flora that surrounds us everyday I found inspiration in Eucalyptus trees. I feel as though this relates well to Blessed Earth as they are about harmony between people and the planet and hopefully inspires customers to appreciate the wonderful Australian environment that we too often take for granted.  Thankyou to Janine and Rai at Blessed Earth for seeing potential in me and my artwork."        Brenna Megyeri 

The colours are White; Natural; Skye; Olive and Charcoal. Husk is yet to come... The combinations are exquisite, especially with the eucalyptus print on the quilt cover sets.