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Organic Cotton Bedding

All Blessed Earth sheets, covers and protectors are fully certified by Global Organic Textiles Standard (GOTS). This is your guarantee of purity. Blessed Earth offers what is generally acknowledged to be the finest variety of certified organic cotton bed-linen in the world - all of it at wholesale direct to you prices.

Any dyes used are certified organic, which means no heavy metals are used in the manufacture of the dyes. They are relatively safe and this adds significantly to the cost of our bed-linen. However, if you have severe chemical sensitivities it’s better to stay with natural undyed fabric.

Our cotton is harvested, cleaned, spun, woven into fabric, them made into beautifully styled bed-linen all within a tight radius in central India.  It is easy to claim that something is organic or made from organic cotton etc and there are no penalties for falsification. To have a bed-linen product fully certified by GOTS requires a great deal of determined and well-intended effort.

We are indebted to Go Green Textiles, who refer to themselves as Blessed Earth’s factory, for their unwavering commitment to sustainable practices such as solar power and an organic farm that supplies fresh Gir milk and produce to their workers daily.


"Dear Blessed Earth, I just wanted to say how much I LOVE your beautiful bed linen. The quality is far superior to any of the other expensive brands that I usually purchase and the price is far less. ... My family and I suffer from multiple chemical allergies after a contractor exposed us to a pesticide. Please keep up the great work!" - GH from WA

Please find more information on Blessed Earth Organic Cotton Bedding here.